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Who can save us?


The Lord spoke to Joshua: “Today I will begin to exalt you in the sight of all Israel, so they will know that I will be with you just as I was with Moses. Command the priests carrying the ark of the covenant: When you reach the edge of the water, stand in the Jordan.”  ∼ Joshua 3:7–8.


  • After Joshua died, the Israelites forgot about serving God and worshiped false gods.
  • God was angry with the Israelites and let them be captured and ruled by enemies.
  • The Israelites cried out to God, and He sent judges to lead the people and remind them to follow the Lord.
  • The Israelites did not listen to Joshua’s warning to remember God.  They forgot about Him and worshiped idols.  God was angry with the Israelites and let them be captured by their enemies – for 8 years!  When the Israelites finally cried out to God, He sent a leader – a judge – to lead and help them follow the Lord again.


God used the judges to save the Israelites from the consequences of their sin.  But it didn’t last.  Only Jesus can save us from our sin forever.


A simple prayer:  “Jesus, thank You for paying the price for my sin so I can be forgiven forever.”

An excerpt from Foundation for Kid’s by Robby & Kandi Gallaty.  Available in the church library.

Randall Davenport

FBCLC Family Pastor

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