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Do you like new things?  A new car, a new toy, a new game?  Think about all the new things you got for Christmas.  But, nothing stays new.

“Then the one seated on the throne said, ‘Look, I am making everything new.’”  Rev. 21:5

Notice that when God speaks about new things, He doesn’t say “making new everything,” but “making everything new.”  It’s not a start from scratch, it’s not a reset, it’s more of a “take what’s broken and fix it.”  As we think about the new year of 2019, let’s thank God for making new things.


Share with your kids or spouse how God has changed you since you’ve become a believer.

How do you hope God will work in this coming year?


Thank God for working in the lives of every believer.

-Randall Davenport

FBCLC Family Pastor

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